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Considered the most exclusive beachside home to the world’s elite, Kukio offers the highest levels of service and luxury in Hawai'i. A private “Discovery Land” development, this residential community was founded in the early 2000’s on the heels of Hualalai’s success next door. With one of the best golf courses in the world – where a busy day is 20 rounds played – two of the best white sand beaches in the islands, and amenities to pamper every whim of each owner, Kukio is considered the new standard of excellence in Hawai'i.

Real Estate Synopsis:

Three distinct neighborhoods make up the Kukio Resort…. “the Core” – with homes gaining the easiest and closest access to the Beach Club amenities; “Maniniowali” – lying on the southern border where homesites can range up to 3 acres; and “Ka’Ūpūlehu Development” (aka “KD”) north of both Hualalai and Kona Village, where larger homesites can be had, just a stone’s throw from the ocean. Prices range from about $3M for a cottage up to over $100M for the premier oceanfront residences taking up multiple lots.

Considerations here – there is a required membership to the Hualalai Club in order to access the amenities of the resort which carries a hefty “Membership Contribution Fee” and annual dues on top of your HOA fees. Renting your home is not permitted to anyone other than fellow homeowners and there is not a hotel within the community.

My favorite restaurants:

The Golf Clubhouse – Where no better views of the striking Kohala Coast can be found!

My favorite Kukio memory:

Selling a $13.2M home to some of the nicest clients I have ever worked with – Site Unseen!

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